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Round 6: Ju Wenjun and Hou Yifan improved their lead
 MG 0045 In the sixth round of the Women Grand Prix in Sharjah both Ju Wenjun and Hou Yifan won their games against Alina L’Ami and Anna Ushenina respectivly. It was a lucky day for the Chinese players as the third participant from China Zhao Xue also won today. She defeated  Humpy Koneru, who suffered the third loss in the tournament and has very few chances to catch Hou Yifan. After sixth rounds World Champion has increased the distance to 3 points.

After painful loss at the fifth round, Tatiana Kosintseva managed to win against Harika Dronavalli. The games Danielian-Tuvshintugs and Zhu-Muminova finished in a draw.
 MG 0869
FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos visited the playing hall and made a first symbolic move in the game Anna Ushenina-Hou Yifan. His question “Yifan, what would you like me to play?” was the one that made everyone laugh.

Ushenina, Anna 0-1 Hou Yifan

After the opening the position was balanced and it was not necessary to sacrifice a pawn on 18th move. Hou Yifan grabbed the material and later on proved that White doesn’t have enough compensation.


Zhao Xue 1-0 Koneru Humpy

Unpredictable play of Humpy in this tournament! In the opening Indian player chose one of the typical plans for this type of structure Rf6-Rg6 but decided to play it at the wrong time.

After strong 13.Nd4 Black doesn’t have real threats but needs to solve coming problems. Zhao Xue didn’t give any chance to her opponent and after 24 moves the game was over.


Kosintseva Tatiana 1-0 Dronavalli Harika

Trying to solve opening problems, Harika decided to complicate the game by playing 15…b5. Black gave up the dark squares and two bishops hoping to win some time and find better places for her pieces. Tatiana Kosintseva went for few exchanges and obtained the position where her dark-square bishop was stronger compare to white-square bishop of the opponent.

Before 27th move. White has already a decisive edge and it's hard to give an advise for Black.


Zhu Chen ½-½ Muminova, Nafisa

Zhu Chen got a slightly better position with 2 bishops and space adavantage. Nafisa Muminova accurately exchanged few pieces and step by step equalized the position. It was Black turn to play for victory but Nafisa missed her best chance on move 40.

Black could have played 40…h6 and open h-file for her rooks. e5! with idea to bring her queen on the King’s side was also strong in some variations.

Danielian, Elina ½-½ Tuvshintugs, Batchimeg

The game started with an interesting and sharp opening with a creative play from the both sides.  It could have been even more exciting if Elina Danielian proceeded with 12. h4 with idea to sacrifice an exchange on b4 and than continue with h5. However, Armenian player was not in a mood to play too originally today but preferred to convert the game into the slightly better endgame. Batchimeg defended very precisely and Elina didn’t get any real opportunity.

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